4 The old town-casa hacienda of Uchuraccay, ca. 1998
4 Villagers assembling in the new town of Uchuraccay, ca. 1998
15 Ecological niches of the Peruvian Andes
26 Luricocha, the second most important town in the Huanta valley, ca. 1997
32 Simón Bolívar, as rendered by José Gil de Castro
46 Old church in Chaca, ca. 1994
46 The town of Tambo, ca. 1997
101 King Fernando VII, by José Gil de Castro
124 The casa-hacienda of Chaca, ca. 1994
124 The town of Chaca, ca. 1999
125 Fernando Pariona, justice of the peace of Chaca, ca. 1999
131 On the road from Huanta to Secce, ca. 1994
133 The church of Secce, ca. 1994
133 Huaillay, once a rebel headquarters, ca. 1997
136 Abandoned house, ca. 1998, at a location near Uchuraccay believed to be
Luis Pampa
147 Nineteenth-century lithograph of an ‘‘indian muleteer’’
151 Muleteers with the Peruvian flag and a dismounted carriage
193 General Agustín Gamarra, by an unknown artist
198 Abandoned house in Luricocha, ca. 1994
209 General Andrés de Santa Cruz, by Francis Martin Drexel
212 ‘‘Rabonas doing the laundry’’
213 Soldier and rabona
219 General Andrés de Santa Cruz in old age, by an unknown artist
230 The approach to Iquicha from Uchuraccay, 1999
230 Iquicha, 1999, showing the remains of the town’s church, burned
during the Shining Path war
17 ∞. Peru in 1827
67 ≤. Area of the monarchist rebellion
120 ≥. Patriot and royalist towns
121 ∂. Haciendas and pueblos in Huanta
129 ∑. Ecology of the rebellion and main headquarters
135 ∏. Rebel towns and headquarters
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