Page numbers in italics refer to
absorption: Fried on, 106–7; The
Ring and, 112, 116, 117–18
abstraction vs. figuration, 37–39
Abu Ghraib photographs, 150–53
accountability. See meaning and
sense making
action vs. force in Caravaggio,
Adam and Eve, 184n29
advenience, 151–53, 154
a≈nities of sensibility, 121–22
After Dinner at Ornans (Courbet),
117, 182n52
alma symposium, Colorno, Italy,
133, 134, 185n34
Althusser, Louis, 41–42, 121
analogy, 35–36
animals and humans, 85, 94, 127–28
appearance: advenience and ethics
of, 151–54, 187n8; Arendt on rep-
resentation and, 160n33; demo-
cratic societies at level of, 5–6;
dissensus and, 43; judgment vs.
sensation and, 9; Machiavelli on
riscontro (impact) of, 93; narratoc-
racy and, 12–13; palpability of,
187n12; Platonic epistroph¯ e (turn-
ing away from), 156–57n4; politi-
cal subjectivity and, 10–11. See
also surface
appetites. See food, taste, and flavor
appraisal, Deleuze and Kant on, 35
archipelago image (Deleuze), 22,
architecture: edicola (newsstand),
68–71, 69, 70; indeterminacies
and, 10; piazzas and, 49, 63–65
archival documentation, narrativi-
zation of, 51–52
arci (Associazione Ricreativa Cul-
turale Italiana), 139–40
Arendt, Hannah: on appearance
and representation, 160n33; on
disarticulation of the subject, 5;
on judgment, 157n5; on politics,
12; on the unquiet, 52
Aristotle, 78, 88
Ark of Taste, 143
Armstrong, Louis, 169n50
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