Comments from many people have strengthened this collection. For re-
views of earlier drafts of the introductions, I am grateful to Suman Seth,
Sharon Traweek, Nancy Tuana, Marguerite Waller, and the anonymous
reviewers for Duke University Press. For illuminating responses to the
book’s themes and many of the chapters, I thank the students in my grad-
uate seminars and undergraduate classes on science and technology in a
multicultural, postcolonial, and gendered world in the Departments of
Education, Women’s Studies, and Philosophy at the University of Califor-
nia, Los Angeles, from 2000 to 2009. I am indebted to seminar partici-
pants and lecture audiences on many university campuses for illuminat-
ing discussions of this project, especially at the University of Wisconsin
and University of California, Riverside.
For provocative conversations and for their own pathbreaking work,
I am grateful to many courageous and brilliant scholars and activists,
especially to Warwick Anderson, Cynthia Enloe, Ulrich Beck, Susan-
tha Goonatilake, David Hess, Françoise Lionnet, Jim Maffie, Ziauddin
Sardar, Suman Seth, Shu-mei Shih, and Ann Tickner, as well as to all the
contributors to this collection.
For his wise, patient, and gentle guidance, I thank Ken Wissoker at
Duke University Press. Neva Pemberton provided superb assistance in
the permissions process and in preparing the manuscript.
For nourishing my soul throughout this project, I thank Emily Abel,
Françoise Lionnet, Gail Kligman, Sara Melzer, Marguerite Waller, Alice
Wexler, and the many other friends in Los Angeles who have listened to
my woes and pleasures on mountain hikes, over dinner, and in chance
encounters. My deepest gratitude for the delights of daily life goes to my
dear housemates Emily and Eva.
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