Xavier Alba (Spain, Bolivia) is a researcher and activist at the Center for the Investi-
gation and Promotion of the Peasantry (CIPCA) in La Paz, Bolivia. He has published
more than thirty books on questions of Andean languages, cultures, and societies,
including Comunidad hoy (1990). He is a member of the Jesuit order.
Michael Aronna (USA) completed a Ph.D. in Hispanic languages and literatures at
the University of Pittsburgh with a dissertation on "Pueblo Enfermo": The Medical-
ization of the Discourse of the National in Turn-of-the-Century Spanish and Latin
American Essay." He currently works as a translator and part-time lecturer in Spanish
and Latin American literature in the New York City area.
John Beverley (USA) is professor of Spanish and Latin American literature at the Uni-
versity of Pittsburgh and an advisory editor of boundary 2. His publications include
Del Lazarillo al Sandinismo (1987); Uterature and Politics in the Central American
Revolutions, with Marc Zimmerman (1990); and Against Literature (1993).
Jose Joaquin Brunner (Chile) is a sociologist at the Latin American Faculty for Social
Sciences (FLACSO) in Santiago de Chile; he was director there between 1980 and
1988. He has published extensively on educational and cultural policy, recently Un
espejo trizado: Modernidad y cultura en America Latina (1991).
Fernando Calderon (Bolivia) was, until 1991, the director of the Latin American
Council of the Social Sciences (CLACSO) in Buenos Aires and has taught at vari-
ous universities in the United States. His Socialismo, autoritarismo y democracia
appeared in 1989.
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