Acknowl edgments
I am very grateful for support from the School of Advanced Research in
Santa Fe, New Mexico, and from the Department of Po litical Science at the
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.
I can never repay the generosity of Jonathan Goldberg- Hiller, who read
every page, many multiple times, and cheerfully discussed every idea. Many
ideas and articulations in this book would never have come to be without
his patience and intellect.
Palena ʻole kuʻu mahalo i ka hui heluhelu Hāmanalau a inu waina, ʻo ia
hoʻi ʻo Leilani Basham, Uʻilani Bobbitt, Kahikina de Silva, a me Maya
Kawailana Saffery. Ua waiwai loa ko ʻoukou mau manaʻo a waiwai
kamaʻilio leʻaleʻa.
Jodi Byrd, kuʻualoha hoʻomanawanui, J. Kēhaulani Kauanui, and Brandy
Nālani McDougall read drafts and participated in many conversations over
the years that assisted in the writing of the book. Mahalo nui e hoa wa-
hine mana. Many thanks as well to Hokulani Aikau, Marie Alohalani Brown,
John Charlot, Noelani Goodyear- Kaʻōpua, Craig Howes, Sankaran Krishna,
and Albert J. Schütz for reading and commenting on the manuscript or parts
of it. I am also grateful to all of the above friends for many bits of information
and research directions to follow, not to mention the stalwart support
through thick and thin. I am also indebted to Ronald Williams Jr. and Sāhoa
Fukushima for much information gleaned from the Hawaiian papers and
to David Chang, Laiana Wong and Kaleomanuʻiwa Wong for helpful
My ability to conduct the research depended on the smarts, skills, and
generosity of many librarians and archivists, among them Joan Hori and
Dore Minatodani of the Hawaiian collection in Hamilton Library at the
University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa; Jason Kapena Achiu, Luella Kurkjian, Gina
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