appendix 2
A Timeline of Anti-S�aikai Activity
1921 ¥ S�aikai headquarters is established in Tokyo. Within three years
branches established in Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Osaka, and Fu-
kuoka prefectures in Japan, and in Seoul and Pusan in Korea.
1922 ¥ Korean anarchist group, Kokuy�kai, led by Pak Yol (Boku Retsu), estab-
lished in November.
1923 ¥ “Korean Massacre” following the September 1, 1923 Kanto earthquake;
S�aikai called upon by Army to control Korean populations; Japanese
anarchist, Osugi Sakae, is assasinated in days following earthquake.
¥ S�aikai receives massive funding from the Government-General, the
Bank of Korea, the Home Ministry, Mitsubishi, and Mitsui.
¥ S�aikai vs. 450 Korean factory strikers. Nara prefecture. December 19.
1924 ¥ S�aikai vs. 8,000 Korean peasant strikers (First Intervention). Haido
Island, S. Cholla, Korea. August.
1925 ¥ Peace Preservation Law enacted.
¥ Korean communist labor union, Zainichi Ch�sen R�d� S�d�mei (R�s�),
established in Japan.
1926 ¥ S�aikai violence against R�s�, Osaka. April 27.
¥ S�aikai vs. Nihon R�d� Kumiai Hy�gikai strikers. Nihon Gakki factory,
Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. April–August.
¥ S�aikai violence against R�s�. R�s� headquarters, Tokyo. June 13.
¥ S�aikai violence against 1,000 Korean workers. Fuji Minobu Railway
Construction site, Yamanashi prefecture. June 15.
¥ R�s� publishes anti-S�aikai article in Musansha Shimbun, June 19.
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