I would lIke to thank the Arts and Humanities Res
(ahRC) for funding my research leave in 2007–8; my depa
and Communications, Goldsmiths College, for allowing a leng
well as my colleagues and friends at Goldsmiths, especially Li
Blackman, Gavin Butt, Nick Couldry, Natalie Fenton, Mariam
McRobbie, Rachel Moore, Simon O’Sullivan, Beverley Skeggs,
and Gareth Stanton. My appreciation to the Department of Wo
der Studies at Rutgers University for providing a calm and sti
to complete this book and to Mary Hawkesworth for making m
For helping New York live up to its promise, thanks to Ann Pe
Puar, and Sarah Schulman. For friendship, thanks to Clare He
Hunter, Jonathan Keane, Catharina Landström, Elena Loizidou
and Elaine Swan. For the creation of an intellectual home, tha
who participate in Black British Feminism, including Suki Al
Gail Lewis, Ann Phoenix, Nirmal Puwar, and Shirley Tate. For
spiration over many years, thanks to Judith Butler. For excell
suggestions, thanks to Ken Wissoker, Courtney Berger, Molly B
meny, and the editorial team at Duke University Press. For on
and solidarity thanks to Lauren Berlant, Sneja Gunew, Elspeth
Roseneil, and Terry Threadgold. For helpful feedback on chapt
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