Happiness, Ethics, Possibility
the woRd happiness does things. This much is clear. Throug
I have considered how happiness holds its place as the object o
endpoint, the telos, as being what all human beings are inclin
Darrin McMahon observes, happiness has often been describ
reach at the end of a “well marked path” and as “the summum bo
good, happiness remained a telos, an end, and virtue the prin
guide the way” (2006: 137). Happiness describes not only what
toward (to achieve happiness is to acquire our form or potentia
we should be inclined toward (as a principle that guides moral d
how to live well). Happiness provides as it were a double telos:
and the end of the good life.
Happiness can be what we want, a way of getting what we w
that we have got what we want. If we are happy, then we are w
done well. Happiness can also be a judgment that others are d
when we do not presume access to another’s interiority or presu
existence involves interiority. We might say, for instance, that the
as a way of saying that the plant is doing well, or flourishing. T
between wellness and feeling can be powerful in such occasio
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