Our warmest thanks to Geoff Harcourt, who read an entire draft and
wrote elaborate notes, saving us, to paraphrase Joan Robinson, from our
headlong errors. We are also grateful to Prue Kerr and Michele Naples,
who read parts of a draft and offered helpful suggestions. Two readers
for Duke University Press made valuable criticisms on which we acted.
The usual caveats apply.
For permission to quote unpublished copyrighted material, we ac-
knowledge the following: Sir Nicholas Henderson for permission to
publish from the papers of Hubert Henderson; David Papineau for per-
mission to publish from the papers of Richard Kahn; John Elmen Taussig
for permission to publish from the papers of Frank Taussig; Seymour
Weissman for permission to publish from the papers of Evan Durbin; by
kind permission of the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge,
to quote from the unpublished papers of Austin and Joan Robinson;
King’s College for permission to quote from the unpublished writings
of Edward Austin Gossage Robinson, Joan Robinson, and John May-
nard Keynes, copyright The Provost and Scholars of King’s College Cam-
bridge 2009; the Syndics of Cambridge University Library for permis-
sion to publish from the minutes of meetings of the Faculty Board of
Economics and Politics and the General Board of the Faculties; and The
Cambridgeshire Collection, Cambridge Central Library for permission
to reproduce Ramsey & Muspratt photographs.
We thank VS Verlag for permission to reproduce part of our essay
“The Importance of Being at Cambridge” and the Journal of the History
of Economic Thought for permission to reproduce in part two of our arti-
cles: “Joan Robinson’s ‘Secret Document’: A Passage from the Autobiog-
raphy of an Analytical Economist” and “The Twilight of the Marshallian
Guild: The Culture of Cambridge Economics Circa 1930.”
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