The editors gratefully acknowledge the numerous individuals who made
The Rio de Janeiro Reader possible by offering us their time, their expertise,
and the fruits of their own scholarly research. Flávio Di Cola, Benjamin
Cowan, James N. Green, Monica Grin, Henrique Espada Lima, Bryan Mc-
Cann, Stuart Schwartz, and Lise Sedrez provided collegial advice, intellec-
tual support, and paleographic insight. We are especially grateful to fellow
researchers who were willing to share some gems from their own excur-
sions into the archives and the streets of Rio de Janeiro: Alessandro Ange-
lini, Leandro Benmergui, Paulo Fontes, Ben Penglase, Paula Ribeiro, and
Cassia Roth.
We are immensely lucky to have benefited from the historical acuity,
linguistic skills, and professionalism of research assistants Andre Pagliarini
and Shawn Moura, without whom it is difficult to imagine having com-
pleted this book project. We also thank Araceli Centanino, Nathan Dize,
Daniel Richter, Raissa Dornelas, Jerry Metz, and Luciana Pinheiro for their
research and translation assistance at various stages in this project.
The staffs of numerous libraries, archives, and museums in Rio provided
invaluable assistance in locating sometimes evasive materials and in sup-
porting our efforts to publish them. We thank Rosane Coutinho (Arquivo
Nacional, Rio de Janeiro), Beatriz Kushnir (Arquivo Geral da Cidade do Rio
de Janeiro), Daniella Gomes (Museu Histórico Nacional), and Vera Saboya
(Biblioteca Parque de Manguinhos), as well as the staffs of the Arquivo Pú-
blico do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and the Museus Castro Maya. The staffs
of the National Archives in the United Kingdom and the New York Public
Library also provided assistance that made possible the research we carried
out at each location.
We would like to thank Catalina Toala and Paula Barriga-Sánchez at the
University of Maryland for mobilizing the financial and administrative re-
sources needed to complete this project.
Cassia Roth, Chacal and Fernanda Abreu, Claudia Ferreira, Kelly Hayes,
and Henrique Tanure generously allowed us to reproduce in this book ma-
terial for which they hold copyright.
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