Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing
What follows is a list of published works about the city of Rio de Janeiro
directed to anyone interested in exploring the city beyond The Rio de Janeiro
Reader. With an Anglophone readership primarily in mind, the suggestions
that follow omit works that are only available in Portuguese and other lan-
guages. We include, however, some of the small but growing number of
translated classics of Brazilian scholarship about the Marvelous City. This
list also includes a select number of subtitled feature-length motion pictures
and documentaries set in Rio, as well as a sampling of canonical literary
works by Carioca authors available in English translation. Readers with a
working command of Portuguese can expand their knowledge by consult-
ing the online catalogues of the Arquivo Nacional (the Brazilian National
Archive), the Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino (the Portuguese colonial ar-
chive), the Arquivo Nacional Torre do Tombo (the Portuguese National Ar-
chives), the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional (the Brazilian National Library),
the Instituto Moreira Salles (exceptionally strong in photography), the Mu-
seu de Imagem e Som (a tremendous resource on video and music), and
other cultural centers and museums located in Rio. For more information
on such institutions, see the municipal government’s multilingual official
guide at http://www.rioguiaoficial.com.br/.
Websites and General Works about Rio de Janeiro
The Brazilian National Library, located in the heart of downtown Rio since
the early nineteenth century, makes available a growing collection of digi-
tized periodicals, photographs and prints, maps, and rare books. Most titles
are in Portuguese, but the library’s digital collection also contains impor-
tant foreign-language items, especially illustrated traveler accounts. Visit
http://bndigital.bn.br. Hundreds of full-text digitized serials, including ti-
tles from the small Carioca English-language press, can be accessed through
the library’s Hemeroteca Digital, http://hemerotecadigital.bn.br/.
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