I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to my husband Ian and my ­daughters
Shaina and Justine for putting up with the writing of yet another book. It takes
special ­people to put up with the seemingly endless research, references to eso-
teric facts, and detours to strange places so that I could see something “I wrote
about in my book.” Thank you for putting up with it.
The students of the University of Michigan have inspired me. They keep
asking challenging questions and are curious about the books I write. They want
to know more and they push me to write more. Thanks to all of you who have
supported me. I ­really ­ c ouldn’t have done it without all the conversations in my
office, over at my ­house, and all over the Dana Building.
To Maren Spolum, who runs my research program—­thank you for helping
to make this pos­si­ble through the wonderful work you do. To all the research
assistants and postdoctoral fellows who have worked in my lab in the past years:
I appreciate your help and dedication.
Special thanks to the School of Natu­ral Resources and Environment and to
the Office of the Vice Provost for Research for providing a book subvention
award to help with the completion and publication of this book.
I am grateful to the anonymous reviewers who read the manuscript and pro-
vided very useful feedback. Your suggestions helped to improve the manuscript
tremendously. Fi­nally, I want to thank the amazing editorial staff at Duke Uni-
versity Press. I have enjoyed working with you. Thank you for your support and
your belief in the proj­ect.
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