The major part of this book was written while I was Senior Fellow at
the Center for Contemporary Studies, Nehru Memorial Museum and
Library, Teen Murti, New Delhi. I am grateful for the award of the
fellowship and all the institutional support that it made available to
me, especially for the library facilities at Teen Murti. Dr. Ravinder
Kumar, then director of the nmml, was unfailingly generous in his
support of my travels and research. I remember him with a√ection
and gratitude.
I had the support of a Visiting Fellowship at the Center for Wom-
en’s Development Studies, New Delhi, during the last year of the
writing of this book. I am particularly grateful for the cheerful and
expert assistance of the librarians at the Center.
I have been helped by the example, encouragement, and active
involvement in this project of three people without whom my life
would have been impoverished in many ways, and not just intellectu-
ally. I take this opportunity to o√er fervent thanks to Daniel Moshen-
berg, You-me Park, and Anupama Rao, especially for sustaining me
through the ‘‘U. S. years.’’ Kaushik Sunder Rajan joined this commu-
nity in 1998, beginning to teach me as fast as he learned himself. All of
them read endless drafts of each chapter and o√ered me the benefit
of their scholarship (daunting enough individually, but formidable
collectively!), their fierce and exhilarating criticism, and, not least in
the di≈cult circumstances of living away from home, love and suste-
nance. Mary John’s involvement began as referee of an early draft of
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