note on transliteration
and spelling
I have refrained from using any conventional style for transliteration of
Marathi and Hindi words and phrases. Most names and words are easily
recognizable in a simple, anglicized form. I have used identifiable English-
language spellings for words from Marathi and other Indian languages
that appear frequently, as well as for individuals, places, names, deities, and
The spelling of certain Marathi place names has increasingly become a
matter for debate. For the time period covered in this book, a town will
appear in Marathi-language sources as (for instance) Pune and in English-
language sources from the same period as Poona. In my own writing, I
have referred to the place as Poona, unless the contemporary print source
refers to Pune. Similarly, I use Bombay and not Mumbai, unless stated
otherwise in the source itself.
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