Research for this project was funded through an International Disserta-
tion Research Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council and a
junior long-term fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies.
Writing support was made possible by the Andrew Mellon Dissertation
Award of the Department of History, the Women’s Studies Dissertation
Writing Fellowship, and a Chimicles fellowship for the teaching of writing,
all at the University of Pennsylvania. The project itself was first conceived
under the supervision of David Ludden and Sumathi Ramaswamy. Be-
tween David’s talent for identifying the ‘‘big picture’’ and Sumathi’s intri-
cate renditions, I was indeed well schooled. Thanks too to Lynn Lees, and
to Web Keane’s mind-altering class on Language and Culture. A wide
community of excellent people in Ithaca, Philly, and South Hadley pro-
vided great ideas and fabulous times: Luther Adams, Kathleen Brown,
Maya Capur, Brian Caton, Sasha Constanza Chock, Aiden Downey, Man-
dakini Dubey, Jude Fernando, Shelley Feldman, Geraldine Forbes, Khalid
Hadeed, Eugenia Herbert, Sukanya Kulkarni, Ahmet Kuyas, Morana
Lasic, Ritty Lukose, Abigail McGowan, Kalyani Menon, Mindy Peden,
Indira Peterson, Ian Petrie, Gabriela Ramos, Yanna Yannakakis.
In Bombay, where the project really began to take shape, I was espe-
cially fortunate to meet and work with Mridula Ramanna. I will always
recall with pleasure my conversations with J. V. Naik, Aroon Tikekar,
Prabha Ganorkar, and Vasant Dahake on all aspects of western Indian
history and literature. The librarians and sta√ at the Mumbai Marathi
Granthasangrahalaya, the Maharashtra State Archives, and the Bombay
University Library were superbly knowledgeable: I especially thank Mrs.
Athaleye and Mrs. Tilaka Joseph for their guidance. In Poona, Pushpa
Wagle welcomed me into her home and sorted out my research problems;
additionally, I benefited from spirited conversations with Ram Bapat,
Mary E. John, Vinaya Kharpedkar, and Lata and Sudha Lad. My stay in
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