government archives
Bombay Presidency Proceedings. Education Department.
Bombay Presidency Proceedings. General Department.
Bombay Presidency Proceedings, Judicial Department.
contemporary official reports
Alexandra Native Girls’ English Institution, Poona. Reports for the Years 1863–
1933 (some years missing).
Board of Education. Report of the Consultative Committee on Di√erentiation of the
Curriculum for Boys and Girls Respectively in Secondary Schools. London: H. M.
Stationery O≈ce, 1923.
Bombay Government Gazette. 1949.
Director of Public Instruction, Bombay Presidency. Annual Reports for the Years
New English School. Annual Reports of the New English School for Boys Poona.
Proceedings of a Deputation from the People of Poona Waited by Appointment upon His
Excellency the Governor in the Council Hall, Poona, on Saturday the 9th of August,
Re a High School for Native Girls. Bombay: Printed at the Bombay Gazette
Steam Press, 1884.
Report of the Indian Education Commission (Hunter Commission):
Vol. 1. Report of the Indian Education Commission. Appointed by the Resolution of the
Government of India dated 3rd February 1882. Calcutta: Superintendent of Gov-
ernment Printing, 1882.
Vol. 2. Evidence Taken before the Bombay Provincial Committee and Memorials
Addressed to the Education Commission. Calcutta: Superintendent of Govern-
ment Printing, 1884.
Report of the Maharashtra Female Education Society for the Period Ending 31st March
Report of the Proceedings of the Bombay Native Education Society, 1825–1840.
Report of Proceedings Held on the 29th September 1885 in the Town Hall, Hirabaug, for
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