We have had a great deal of help in completing this book. We are grateful
to our respective institutions, Emory University and Southwestern Univer-
sity, and their Departments of History for material and intellectual support.
Thomas McClendon received additional support from the United Methodist
Board of Higher Education.
Many archivists and librarians have made our effort possible and have
been a pleasure to work with. These include the staffs of the Campbell Col-
lections of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State Archives, the
Iziko Social History and Art Collections, Museum Africa, the Parliament of
South Africa, and the
(University of the Western Cape) Robben Island
Mayibuye Archives. We also appreciate the able assistance of the staff of the
Woodruff Library at Emory and the Smith Library Center at Southwestern.
Several Emory graduate students have tirelessly contributed to this proj-
ect. We wish to acknowledge Jessica Reuther, Kara Moskowitz, and Jane
Hooper. The outstanding work of Aby Parsons and Molly McCullers was
especially central to our successful completion of the book. A draft of the
book was piloted in an undergraduate course at Emory University, where
students offered very helpful observations.
We appreciate the generosity of many colleagues who helped us track
down sources and citations. We are also grateful to the authors of some
of the selections who helped us obtain permission to use their material, in
some cases waiving their own share of royalties. In many cases, however,
literary publishers were unwilling to work with an academic publisher, re-
sulting in the absence of some texts we wished to include; we have included
the titles of these works in the section “Suggestions for Further Reading.”
We are especially grateful to Patricia Hayes for contributing her thoughtful
essay on the work of Santu Mofokeng, and to the photographer for allowing
us to use his work. Our thanks also to Tanya Buckingham and Isaac Dorsch
at the University of Wisconsin Cartography Lab for creating the maps.
Duke University Press has been an outstanding publisher to work with.
We have had unstinting support from the editors of the World Readers Se-
ries, Valerie Millholland, and Gisela Fosado. The press’s graduate interns,
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