This book would have been unthinkable without the incredible kindness,
patience, and openness of the homeless men and women I came to know
over the course of nearly three years of ethnographic fieldwork in Bucha-
rest, Romania. I also owe an incredible debt of gratitude to the adminis-
trators and social workers of the shelters and day centers where this study
took place. I am deeply grateful for the trust and transparency they showed
me. I have never taken this for granted. I would also like to thank Ian Till-
ing for helping me to make connections at the start of the project and for
being a source of constant support and friendship throughout my time in
This research would not have been possible without the generous finan-
cial support of a Fulbright Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad
Grant, a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Im-
provement Grant, a Student Fulbright Fellowship, the Institute for Roma-
nian Culture’s Seton- Watson Grant for Foreign Researchers, and the Amer-
ican Council of Learned Societies. I am thankful for the financial support
of Stanford University’s Department of Anthropology; Center for Russian,
East European and Eurasian Studies; and School of Humanities and Sci-
ences. Finally, I am grateful for the research support of the Department of
Sociology and Anthropology and the Center for Intercultural Studies at
Saint Louis University.
This research trajectory took shape while I was completing a master’s in
city, space, and society at the London School of Economics and Political
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