acceleration, life defined by, 210n1
active retirement model, Romanian
proposals for, 78, 207n11
addicts (aurolaci), as homeless classifica-
tion, 14, 43
Adjective (film), 34
advertising, postcommunist rise of,
affect, boredom as, 17, 189n6
Agamben, Giorgio, 215n28
aging population: homelessness among,
72–95; part- time workers, lack of pen-
sions for, 87–95; pre- retirement age
workers in, 103–9; social services for,
94–95, 211n7. See also pension system
agricultural policies, postcommunist
redistribution and, 29–35, 190n14
Ahmed, Sarah, 189, 194n53, 194n55
Anderson, Nels, 141, 218n16
Antena 1 television station, 34
anthropological research methods, xii–
xiii, 185n1
“Anti- boredom Campaign” (Campanie
Antiplictiseală), 34
anti- Ceaușescu uprising, 7–8
Augé, Marc, 202n1
austerity programs: in communist
Romania, 19–20; global recession and
expansion of, 40–43; introduction of,
bachelor parties, Bucharest as destina-
tion for, 177–78
Backwoods Shelter (pseudonym), xiii,
34–39, 42–43; aging residents of,
73–95; boredom in, 44–46; establish-
ment of, 48–51; living conditions at,
51–57; selection process for housing
in, 58–61
Bakhtin, Mikhail, 163, 224n10
Bardot, Brigitte, 47–48
bare life concept, slow death and, 215n28
Băsescu, Traian, 47–48, 203n5
Baudelaire, Charles, 213n17
Baudrillard, Jean, 144–46
Belzberg, Edet, 11
Benjamin, Walter, 108–10, 213n17
Benson, Peter, 225n15
Berdahl, Daphne, 187n13
Berlant, Lauren, 98, 210n2, 214n23,
Bhabha, Homi, 42
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