P O S T S C R I P T . F R O M 2 0 0 1 U N T I L 2 0 1 3
Challenges since 2001
I conducted a large part of the fieldwork for this ethnography while the
Awami League government held power, from 1996 to 2001. Since 2001, Ban-
gladesh has experienced many changes in its po litical fortunes. In 2001, the
Bangladesh National Party government came into power; from 2007, a care-
taker government (backed by the military) imposed emergency rule, impris-
oning politicians, industrialists, and the two top female leaders on charges
of corruption; and elections at the end of 2008 returned the Awami League
to power with a huge mandate. Fulfilling a campaign promise, the Awami
League announced on March 25, 2009, that Bangladesh would set up a war
crimes tribunal to finally try people accused of murder, torture, rape, and
arson during 1971. Five among the twelve ex- army officers accused of killing
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