agn General Archive of the Nation
amc Mexican Academy of Sciences
anec National Association of Rural Commercialization Enterprises
appo Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca
banrural National Rural Credit Bank
Bt bacillus thuringiensis (soil bacterium that produces insecticide)
casifop Center for Social Analysis, Information and Training
(nonprofit civil association or ngo)
cbd un Convention on Biological Diversity
cec Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CCA in Spanish)
ceccam Center for Studies of Rural Change
cenami National Support Center for Indigenous Missions
cgiar Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research
cibiogem Inter-ministerial Commission on Biosafety
cimmyt International Corn and Wheat Institute
cinvestav Center for Research and Advanced Studies,
National Polytechnic Institute
cna National Water Commission
cnba National Agricultural Biosafety Committee
cnc National Confederation of Peasants
cnm National Maize Commission
codex Codex Alimentarius Commission
compitch Council of Indigenous Midwives and Healers (an ngo)
conabio National Biodiversity Commission
conaculta National Council for Culture and the Arts
conacyt National Council for Science and Technology
conapo National Population Council
conasupo National Basic Foods Company
crom Regional Confederation of Mexican Workers
ctm Workers’ Central (Union) of Mexico
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