This book began life as a dissertation at Cornell University, and in this sense,
I owe first and foremost a great intellectual debt to Naoki Sakai, not only for
his work and its influence on me but also for his continuing friendship and
personal support. Thanks to J. Victor Koschmann and Brett de Bary for many
discussions over the years that shaped the background to this project, for their
close readings of my work, and for all their help and support. I’m grateful
to Bruno Bosteels for his support, friendship, discussions, encouragement,
and many decisive suggestions on my writing. I would like to deeply thank
Yutaka Nagahara for his friendship, his solidarity, his encouragement and
assistance, and for his support for me and for my work. It is not excessive to
say that Yutaka’s own work, as well as our projects together, have been one of
the deepest influences on me, and his support has given me a sense of energy
to write.
Harry Harootunian’s support and advice on this project have helped to
shape it into what it is now, and his theoretical and political example is an
inspiration. Carol Gluck provided much- needed assistance, help, and sugges-
tions on a number of crucial aspects of this book. Ken Kawashima’s friendship
and solidarity are behind a lot of this work, and all our times spent debating in
living rooms, bars, clubs, and other inadvisable locations have helped shape
every aspect of this book. Our current joint projects together have opened a
new direction of analysis, a kind of improvisation and collaboration in the-
ory that has also changed my other work, this text included. Katsuya Hirano
has been a close collaborator and friend for the duration of this research, and
many of my analyses have been deeply impacted by our shared projects and
shared intellectual goals. I would like to thank him for his friendship and sup-
port. Discussions and drinks with William Clare Roberts over the last three
years have helped me think about all the themes of this book, and I’m grateful
for his friendship.
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