Th e research and writing of this book was supported by a Charles A. Rys-
kamp Research Fellowship from the American Council of Learned Society,
a Grant for Research and Writing from the John D. and Catherine T. Mac-
Arthur Foundation, and a National Endowment for the Humanities, Resi-
dent Research Fellowship at the School for Advanced Research. Additional
funding was provided by the Adolph and Marion Lichtstern Fund in the
Department of Anthropology, and a Social Sciences Divisional Research
Grant, from the University of Chicago. I am very grateful to each of these
organizations for their support.
Earlier versions of chapter 2 appeared in Cultural Anthropology, of chap-
ter 3 in Social Studies of Science, and chapter 4 in Public Culture. A section
of chapter 5 appeared in Bioinsecurity and Vulnerability, edited by Leslie
Sharp and Nancy Chen (Santa Fe: School of Advanced Research Press). My
thanks to each of these venues, and their editors, for supporting this project
both intellectually and in print.
I developed aspects of this book in a wide range of conference and lec-
ture pre sen ta tions over the past years. I would like to thank all the depart-
ments, programs, workshops, and conferences that have intellectually en-
gaged this work. For their critical engagements, invitations, and collegiality
I am very grateful to: Nadia Abu El- Haj, Hussein Agrama, Hamdi Attia,
Deborah Battaglia, Kennette Benedict, Lauren Berlant, Alex Blanchette,
Yarimar Bonilla, John Borneman, Dominic Boyer, Donald Brennis, Elspeth
Brown, Summerson Carr, Cathryn Carson, Steve Caton, Jessicca Cattelino,
Nancy Chen, Nusrat Chowdhury, Tim Choy, Patricia Clough, John Coma-
roff , Elizabeth Davis, Lynn Eden, Paul Edwards, Steven Epstein, James
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