This book is about, among other things, the thrill of naming names. As I
look back on the process of writing it, it gives me great pleasure to point
my finger at the accomplices who made it possible: Cheryl Alison, Susan
Bell, Lauren Berlant, Susan David Bernstein, Diana Fuss, Jane Gallop,
Marjorie Garber, Helena Gurfinkel, Judith Halberstam, Janet Halley, Jon-
athan Gil Harris, Sonia Hofkosh, Carol Mavor, Meredith McGill, David
McWhirter, Madhavi Menon, D. A. Miller, Leland Monk, Michael Moon,
Paul Morrison, Mary Ann O’Farrell, Andrew Parker, Marilyn Reizbaum,
James Rosenheim, Hilary Schor, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Ashley Shel-
den, Yonatan Touval, Henry Turner, and Rebecca Walkowitz.
Fellow travelers who continue to teach me about Jews, America, and
show business include Joni, Larry, Dan, Ron, Ed, Greg, Doug, Brian, and
Ben Litvak, Traven Rice, and Erica, Alan, Leah, Avi, and Sam Edelman.
In the interest of full disclosure, I must reveal the special contribution of
Doug Litvak, who at a very early age, and while this project itself was still
quite young, described himself as “half-Jewish and half-American.”
Ken Wissoker is the savviest of editors. While it has not always been
easy for me to take his advice and part with some of my favorite neolo-
gisms and puns, he knows how to make a book work, and this one has
been significantly improved by his deft interventions. Courtney Berger,
also at Duke University Press, has consistently given me invaluable help
in putting the book together. Mark Mastromarino did an elegant job of
copyediting the manuscript, and three anonymous readers for the Press
offered incisive advice.
As Dean of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University, Susan Ernst pro-
vided financial support and leave time at a crucial moment. I would like
to thank the Faculty Research Awards Committee at Tufts for a grant
that afforded me an additional semester of leave. Thanks also to Hope
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