The Urban Generation Filmmakers
compiled by charles leary
Ah Nian, director
A graduate of the Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 1987, Ah Nian began his
professional career in television. After working for six years in the Zhejiang Film
Studio, he returned to Beijing to make his first feature film, which squarely placed
him in the Sixth Generation movement.
Age of Sensitivity [Ganguang shidai]
1994. Produced by Zhejiang Film Studio and Pearl River Studio. Harbin Film
Festival, First Prize.
A Chinese Moon [Zhongguo yueliang]
1995. Produced by Fujiang Film Studio.
Love in the Winter [Dongri aiqing]
1997. Produced by Zhejiang Film Studio. Turin Film Festival.
Call Me [Hu wo]
2000. Produced by Beijing Film Studio. ‘‘The Urban Generation: Chinese
Cinema and Society in Transformation’’ film series.
Cui Zi’en, director and screenwriter
An accomplished novelist and a professor at the Beijing Film Academy, Cui has
been one of the most prominent figures in the promotion of a new queer
Chinese cinema.
Kind Enmity Fire [Liehuo enyuan]
* Screenplay by Cui Zi’en.
1991. Produced by Beijing Youth Studio.
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