A c k n o w l e d g m e n t s
There are many people without whose support I would
not have been able to write this book. At New York
University, I had five exceptionally talented and warm
dissertation-committee members. Sylvia Molloy’s role
in the fashioning of the conceptual framework of this
project was vital, and her unceasing moral support has
provided me with confidence at critical moments dur-
ing the process of writing my dissertation and book.
Gabriela Basterra’s brilliant work on ethical subjectivity
has been an inspiration: the seminars I took with her at
NYU, as well as our many conversations outside of the
classroom, have impacted my work in a profound way,
and I am deeply indebted to her generosity. I would like
to thank Marta Peixoto for numerous unscheduled con-
versations in her office during my years at NYU (and
delightful Princeton coffee dates since then), as well as
Mary Louise Pratt and Georgina Dopico Black for their
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