Trevor Hoppe
How You Can Get Involved
We hope that readers will come away from this volume feeling a sense of in-
justice and anger but we also hope those emotions find an outlet in po liti-
cal engagement rather than cynicism. Although we will not end the war on
sex tomorrow, we strongly believe that positive change is pos si ble.
Recent developments reveal that positive change is already in motion. Pe-
titions and sympathetic news stories circulated nationally in summer 2015 in
support of convicted sex offender Zach Anderson, who was arrested when he
was nineteen for having sex with a fourteen- year-old girl who told him she
was seventeen. Meanwhile in Mas sachusetts, their state’s highest court struck
down a local ordinance forbidding sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet
of a school or park arguing that “the days are long since past when whole
communities of persons, such as Native Americans and Japanese- Americans
may be lawfully banished from our midst.”1 Despite objections from celeb-
rities such as Lena Dunham and Meryl Streep, Amnesty International an-
nounced on August 18, 2015, that the organ ization has “chosen to advocate for
the decriminalization of all aspects of consensual adult sex.”2
These victories demonstrate that re sistance in the war on sex is not futile.
To help readers navigate the current po litical landscape, we thought it would
be helpful to provide a list of organ izations working around the country on
the issues raised in this volume. As the contributions to this volume focus
primarily on the United States, we limit the scope of this addendum to the
United States. We realize that this list will quickly become outdated, but we
nonetheless felt it was impor tant to provide these resources to readers eager
to learn more and get involved.
Note that this list is not meant to be exhaustive. We have done our best
to include formal organ izations that work specifically on the set of issues
described in this volume. For the sake of brevity, we have excluded allied
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