alexis agathocleous is the deputy legal director of the Center for Con-
stitutional Rights (ccr), where he litigates cases challenging mass incar-
ceration and abusive practices in the criminal justice system. He is currently
counsel for plaintiffs in a class action challenging prolonged solitary confine-
ment at California’s notorious Pelican Bay State Prison.
elizabeth bern stein is associate professor of sociology at Barnard Col-
lege. She is coeditor of Regulating Sex: The Politics of Intimacy and Identity
(2005) and the author of Temporarily Yours: Intimacy, Authenticity, and the Com-
merce of Sex (2007).
j. wallace borchert is dedicated to making prison systems transparent.
He is a critical prisons and punishment scholar, a former prisoner himself,
and a fierce advocate for social justice. He expects to receive his PhD in soci-
ology from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in June 2016.
MARY ANNE CASE is Arnold I. Shure Professor of Law at the University of
Chicago Law School. Her scholarship to date has concentrated on the regula-
tion of sex, gender, sexuality, religion, and the family, and on the early history
of feminism.
Owen Daniel-McCarter is a transgender attorney, educator, and advo-
cate. He is the executive director of the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, where
he supports gender inclusivity in schools, LGBT-affirming curriculum, bully-
ing prevention, and restorative school discipline practices. Owen attended
the City University of New York School of Law and has been licensed to practice
law in Illinois since 2007. He is a founding collective member of the Transfor-
mative Justice Law Project, the former legal director of the TransLife Center,
and a former adjunct faculty at DePaul University in Chicago.
scott de orio is a doctoral candidate in history and women’s studies at the
University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His dissertation, entitled “The Invention
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