ranjan ghosh
This book has been a long journey for me, my thoughts and reflections on
lit er a ture for the last five years. I thank Miller for reading every single chap-
ter in detail and commenting on each one of them. Indeed, we read each
other’s chapters very closely, building an intense, collaborative, thinking
proj ect. I stay beholden to the anonymous readers of the manuscript for
their insightful suggestions, leading to an im mense improvement on what
is now the final draft. Also, our editors at Duke, Courtney Berger and Sandra
Korn, commented on the manuscript with their characteristic insight and
critical intelligence. Berger, our commissioning editor, deserves a special
mention for her warm enthusiasm for this rather unconventional proj ect,
and the outstanding cooperation and confidence that she showed during
the long course (indeed worked across dif er ent continents!) that the book
took to reach where it is now.
Chapter 1 is a reworked version of “Lit er a ture: The ‘Mattering’ and the
Matter” in SubStance 131, no. 42.2 (2013): 33–47. A shorter version of chap-
ter 5 was published as “Intra- active Transculturality,” in Modern Language
Notes 130 (December 2015): 1198–1220. A portion of chapter 7 was pub-
lished as “Reading and Experiencing a Play Transculturally” in Compara-
tive Drama 46, no. 3 (fall 2012): 259–81. Chapter 9 is a reworked version of
my earlier work, “Aesthetics of Hunger,” in Symploke 19, nos. 1–2 (2012):
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