This book would have been impossible without my students. They
are the reason I teach and write. They inspire and impart meaning
to my life. Third World Studies: Theorizing Liberation draws from
my dialogues with them.
Elfriede Michi Barall was indispensable as a remarkable research
assistant and an able manuscript reader for this project. I owe her
an immense debt of gratitude. Thankfully, during the summer of
2015 Katie Julia Zheng assisted me with research for this book, and
for her excellence and generosity I am grateful.
The anonymous reviewers of this manuscript were terrific; they
knew the subject matter, offered sage advice, and thereby made this
book much better than originally submitted. I thank them as valu-
able colleagues and as, I am certain, allies of the masses in struggle
fighting the power(s).
I have known Ken Wissoker for decades. Years ago we spoke
about a Duke University Press series on social formation, which I
theorize herein. The series came to naught because of my neglect.
Now I thank Ken for accepting what I consider a summation of my
intellectual labors.
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