Ac know ledg ments
e would like to thank all of the contributors for sharing their
with this collection and for their patience and diligence in
helping us make it a reality.
All translations were done by John Pluecker, except for “The
Line,” which was translated by Cecilia Bastida, and “Countercul-
ture, Rockers, Punks, New Romantics, and Mods in Tijuana,” which
was translated by John Farrell.
Special thanks are due to Inna Arzumanova of the usc Annen-
berg School for Communication and Journalism for overseeing the
chief or gan i za tion al and administrative tasks required in preparing
the volume for publication.
Fiamma Montezemolo wishes to thank the Transart Foundation
for the grant that allowed her to complete her conversation with Nés-
tor García Canclini in Chapter 5.
Because this volume collects new and previously published work
into a single collection for the rst time, a number of these essays have
had previous lives elsewhere and are reprinted here by permission: Fi-
amma Montezemolo, “Tijuana: Hybridity and Beyond: A Conversation
with Néstor García Canclini,” in Third Text 23:6 (2009), 733– 50;
Guillermo Fadanelli, “La Cancion de Tijuana,” in Revista Nexos no.
359 (Mexico City, November 2007); Ejival, “Counterculture, Rocks,
Punks, New Romantics, and Mods in Tijuana,” in Strange New World:
Art and Design from Tijuana / Extrano Nuevo Mundo: Arte y Diseno Desde Ti-
juana, ed. Rachel Tea gle (Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego,
2006); Jennifer Insley, “Redefi ning Sodom: A Latter- Day Vision of Ti-
juana,” in Mexican Studies / Estudios Mexicanos 20:1 (Berkeley: University
of California Press, 2004), 99– 121; Jesse Lerner, “Borderline Archeol-
ogy,” in Cabinet: A Quarterly of Art and Culture 13 (New York: Immaterial
Incorporated, 2004), 33– 35; Santiago Vaquera, “Postcards from the
Border: In Tijuana, Revolución Is an Avenue,” in Border Transits: Litera-
ture and Culture across the Line, ed. Ana M. Manzanas (Amsterdam:
Rodopi Press, 2007); Kathryn Kopinak, “Globalization in Tijuana Ma-
quiladoras: Using Historical Antecedents and Migration to Test Glo-
balization Models,” in Papeles de Población 9:37 (Centro de Investig-
ación y Estudios Avanzados de la Población [cieap], at the Universidad
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