Counting one’s intellectual and personal debts is a bittersweet form
of time travel, for it reminds me of both my great fortune and some losses
along the way. François Meltzer’s and Harry Harootunian’s seminar
‘‘History and Literature’’ at the University of Chicago in 1991 got me
thinking about Orlando, and portions of the paper I wrote for them
appear in chapter 3, ‘‘Time Binds, or, Erotohistoriography.’’ This book,
though, really began with an invitation from Ann Pellegrini to write a
review of Lynda Hart’s Between the Body and the Flesh for
glq, portions of
which became chapter 4, ‘‘Turn the Beat Around.’’ Lynda has since died of
cancer, and though I did not know her well, her book launched me into
thinking about sex and time in ways that make me wish I could have
conversed with her. Luckily for me, Heather Love asked me, on the basis
of that review, to contribute to a special issue of New Literary History on
the ‘‘afterlives’’ of cultural studies. With faith and insight, she shepherded
along the essay that eventually became part of chapter 2, ‘‘Deep Lez,’’ and
she continues to be a prince of a friend and colleague. At that point, too, I
was lucky to be taking part in a reading/workshop group at New York
University, whose members gave the draft a necessary and for the most
part loving kick in the pants: I am especially indebted to Ann Cvetkovich,
Lisa Duggan, Janet Jakobsen, Ann Pellegrini, and Patty White for their
interventions and continued friendship, and to Ed Cohen and Douglas
Crimp for attending to the piece on their visits to the workshop. Judith
Halberstam had faith in the project early and saw several versions of
things, always o√ering me her own special brand of enthusiasm and
tough love. Her critique and editing, as well as those of José Muñoz and
David Eng, were invaluable in the process of writing what became chap-
ter 3 for their special issue of Social Text on the new queer studies. All three
continue to help and inspire. Mike Goode generously shared the proofs
of his book with me before chapter 3 went to press, and bore with my
citing his dissertation in the meantime. Ellen Rooney, along with Anne
Cheng and another anonymous reader, helped bring chapter 4 to fruition
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