My thanks go to a number of institutions and individuals without whose
support and prompting these essays would not have been written.The earli-
est of the essays were written when I worked in the Critical Theory and Cul-
tural Studies Program at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The
majority were written while I was employed in the Departments of Com-
parative Literature and English at the State University of New York at Buf-
falo. And the last essays, and the book as a whole, were completed when I
moved to the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers Uni-
versity. My great thanks to the faculty, staff, and students in these depart-
ments and universities for their patience and tolerance during thewritings of
thesevarious papers. My special thanks to the organizers of various seminars
and conferences for which I produced the majority of these essays. With-
out their invitations, and provocations, I doubt that I would have had the
resources and the energy to write these for their own sake. Each was under-
taken for a specific topic, purpose, or function. I hope that by modifying
them and putting them together in a collection such as this, the individual
inspirations for each are not lost.
I need to single out for special acknowledgment a number of individuals
who read various manuscripts, provided moral support, critical comments,
a shoulder to cry on, or a strong pep talk when I wanted to stop. While I
can only provide a list of names here, such a list does not do justice to the
depth of obligation I feel for their help. My thanks, then, to Judith Allen,
Geoffrey Batchen, Sue Best, Pheng Cheah, Claire Colebrook, Drucilla Cor-
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