The earliest drafts of this book were written as a dissertation at the University
of California
Berkeley. My time there was formative, and I owe much
gratitude to my doctoral advisors. Chris Berry and Nelson Graburn have been
models of the kind of scholar I aspire to be, and also of the kind of mentor
I try to be. Without their guidance, my scholarship would not have been able
to take on the forms that it eventually did, and I thank them for their continued
encouragement, support, and friendship. My thanks also to Andrew Jones, for
his advice over the years, and for being a wonderful teacher and friend. I am
grateful to Lydia Liu, Jiwon Shin, Alan Tansman, and Bonnie Wade. Soyoung
Kim, whom I first met when she was a visiting professor at
Berkeley, con-
tinues to be a source of inspiration. The
Berkeley Tourism Studies Working
Group allowed me to participate in the exchange of scholarship through which
I could vicariously travel to places in ways I might other wise never have gone.
The year I spent at the University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign
a Korea Foundation postdoctoral fellow was a tremendously productive one.
I feel privileged to have been able to revise the book under the mentorship of
Nancy Abelmann, whose insightful reading of my manuscript was vital to the
shape of its final form. I am also thankful to Poshek Fu, Jungwon Kim, Rob-
ert Cagle, Jin- Heon Jung, and the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies,
who welcomed me into their midst that year. My chapter on “transient monu-
ments” benefited from feedback I received at the
Korea Workshop, and
aspects of my introduction were formed at a roundtable discussion on pan-
Asian cinema with Poshek Fu, Stephanie DeBoer, and Michael Raine.
I am most grateful to my colleagues in the East Asian languages and cul-
tures department at the University of Southern California
As chairs,
Dominic Cheung, David Bialock, and Audrey Li have been generous in their
support of ju nior faculty. I thank Brian Bernards, Geraldine Fiss, George
Hayden, Namkil Kim, Satoko Shimazaki, and Andrew Simpson for a conge-
nial environment to work in, and Christine Shaw for every thing she does for
our department. Special thanks to Bettine Birge, Sonya Lee, and Lori Meeks
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