The compilation of this volume would have been impossible without the
kind cooperation of the staff of many archives and libraries. I wish to take
this opportunity to express my gratitude first to the staff of the archives of
the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull, for their kind assistance over
several years. I am also indebted to Judy Burg, the University of Hull’s archi-
vist, for generously permitting me to reproduce a photograph of the confer-
ment of an honorary Doctorate of Letters on C. L. R. James at Thwaites Hall,
University of Hull, on 28 July 1983. (For more background on this ceremony,
see David Richardson’s collection Abolition and Its Aftermath: The Histori-
cal Context, 1790–1916 [London: Frank Cass, 1985], viii.) I also owe debts of
gratitude to the staff of the Theatre Museum collection at the Victoria and
Albert Museum, London; the British Library; particularly the Newspaper
Library at Colindale; the Moorland- Spingarn Research Center at Howard
University; the British Film Institute; Nelson Library; and the libraries of
the University of Leeds and the University of York; and the Salford Working
Class Movement Library.
I would also like to thank the following for permission to reprint copy-
righted material: the Estate of C. L. R. James; the British Library Board;
the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Illustrated London News
Picture Library; the Daily Telegraph; Daily Mail; Evening Standard; Asso-
ciated Newspapers Ltd.; Mirrorpix; News International Trading Ltd.; and
the Nelson Leader. Every effort has been made to trace all copyright holders.
There are very many other people who deserve acknowledgment, particu-
larly at Leeds Metropolitan University and the University of York, but here I
would just like to express particular thanks to Talat Ahmed, Henrice Altink,
Ian Birchall, Paul Blackledge, Stephen Bourne, Colin Chambers, Raj Chetty,
Rachel Douglas, Allison Drew, Joellen El- Bashir, Alan Forrest, Charles Fors-
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