Philippine and Filipina and Filipino Periodicals
Evening News Saturday Magazine (Manila)
The Filipino People
Filipino Students’ Magazine (Berkeley)
Graphic (Manila)
Herald Mid-Week Magazine (Manila)
Philippine-American Advocate
The Philippine Forum
Philippines Monthly
Philippine Review
Philippines Free Press
Sunday Times Magazine (Manila)
Sunday Tribune Magazine (Manila)
This Week (Manila)
The Tribune (Manila)
Wedding Essentials
Woman’s World (Manila)
Books, Articles, and Essays
Abad, Gemino H., and Edna Z. Manlapaz, eds. Man of Earth: An Anthology of Filipino
Poetry and Verse from English, 1905 to the Mid-50s. Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila
University Press, 1989.
Abelardo, Victoria. ‘‘Filipino Writing during the Occupation.’’ Philippine-American 3,
no. 13, 9–14.
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