Roots of Havana xiv
Immigrants just arrived in New York 2
Birthday party in Queens, New York 8
At the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach 14
Marriage of Abuela and Abuelo in Havana 20
Baba as a young woman in Havana 26
Balcony in Havana 34
Gabriel, after the second knee surgery 46
Mami and Gabriel in Queens, New York 68
With my brother and cousins in Queens, New
York 72
Balbino with La Linda and La Mariposa in Santa
María del Monte, Spain 80
Doña Bartola in Mexquitic, Mexico 102
The Behar Summit in Béjar, Spain 118
Mr. Grynberg with the yizkor book in Poland 142
Danayda posing with the teddy bear in Havana 156
Consuelito, Pepe, Cristy, and Edilberto waving
goodbye in Havana 188
A little girl in Havana named Ruth 196
Luggage ticket to Havana 225
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