First and foremost I must thank my parents, Rebeca and Alberto Behar,
for their love and support. We began our journey a long time ago,
when we left Cuba with my brother, Mori, and though there have been
bumpy moments, I am grateful we survived and found courage and the
path to mutual understanding and cariño.
I also want to thank the rest of my family, some of whom appear in
this book. Hard as I try, I know my writing doesn’t please them. I hope
they will forgive me, again.
These stories have been written over a long stretch of time, from the
beginning of our new century to just yesterday, and they have benefited
from the careful readings of writer friends. My sincere thanks to the
Latina Feminist Group, Tom Miller, Marjorie Agosin, Tish O’Dowd,
Richard Blanco, and Erasmo Guerra, for all the ways in which they
helped to make my writing stronger. Sandra Cisneros has been a con-
stant source of inspiration through her writing and I thank her de
corazón for her sisterhood and all that she does to support fellow writ-
ers through the Macondo Foundation. I am lucky to have the best writ-
ing buddy I could ever ask for, Ann Pearlman, a psychologist, novelist,
and wise woman, who gives me free therapy while also pushing me to
think about every word I’m committing to the page.
It has been a blessing to have Gisela Fosado as my editor at Duke
University Press. We have worked together in many ways over the years,
as teacher and student, as filmmakers, and now on this book, which she
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