1. Cuba and Cuban provinces after 1976 xvi
2. Cienfuegos and Villa Clara Provinces, including Cumanayagua,
Manicaragua, and the Escambray Mountains xvi
3. Guantánamo Province, including the traveling route for La Cruzada
Teatral xvii
1. Liborio the guajiro, classic drawn image by Ricardo de la Torriente,
1920s 109
2. Liborio cartoon with Fidel Castro, by the cartoonist Alfredo Pong, 1991 109
3. Campesino crushing co√ee beans, Escambray Mountains 126
4. Teatro de los Elementos in ‘‘training’’ and ‘‘saludando el sol’’ (greeting the
sun) in the countryside, Cumanayagua 131
5. Rural theater audience in Cuatro Vientos, Escambray Mountains 136
6. Rural theater audience in Dos Brazos, Guantánamo Province 136
7. Atilio Caballero interviewing Wansa Ramos, Cumanayagua 145
8. Macías with his oxen in Siguanea, Escambray Mountains 148
9. Macías and José Oriol by the lake in Siguanea, Escambray Mountains 154
10. Scene from Ten mi nombre como un sueño: the Poeta Loco (Isnoel)
cutting through the words of the capitalist, Pepillo Hernández (Lexis),
Cumanayagua 157
11. Scene from Ten mi nombre como un sueño: the Guajiro in Love (Hector)
and the Señorita (Kirenia), Cumanayagua 166
12. Scene from Ten mi nombre como un sueño with full cast,
Cumanayagua 166
13. La Cruzada Teatral puppet performance for rural school children,
Guantánamo Province 184
14. Tío Tato (Carlos) performing in Yumurí, Guantánamo Province 185
15. Bohío and campesino family in Dos Brazos, Guantánamo Province 194
16. Corina, campesina in her bohío, Dos Brazos, Guantánamo Province 194
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