Acknow ledgrnents
his book emerged out of an invitation from Allen Tullos to
evaluate the reputation of the herbs known to and used by
A. 1.
Tommie Bass. Once we saw that Mr. Bass's practice was
both extensive and a significant social force in his area, it be-
came clear that the project had to be expanded in order to avoid an
overly superficial review. Although Allen Tullos did not remain with
the project because of his own schedule, many thanks are due to him
for his seminal role in initiating an intriguing journey.
Many people have responded to queries or provided general sup-
port. In the early years of the project, many students in a medicinal
plant course led by Philpott and Crellin in the botany department at
Duke University provided enthusiasm that encouraged a broad study.
Later, Professors Robert Kral and Robert
Wilbur helped enormously
with various questions about identification and current botanical
nomenclature. Invaluable for specific queries have been Janus An-
tonovics, Richard Bell, Lincoln Constance, J. A. Duke, Frances Ham-
mersand, James Harden, J.
Kartesz, Jim Massy, Mildred Mathias,
Stone, Philip Teigen, Sue Thompson, Rytas Vilgalys, and
Norman Farnsworth. The latter also provided some monetary savings
by providing free copies of
bibliographies. General sup-
port in the form of secretarial services and office supplies has come
from the Medical History Program and the Mary Duke Biddle Foun-
dation, and (including word-processing help) from the Department
of Botany and, personally, from Jane Philpott. Library support has
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