I am grateful to Lynn Spigel, editor of the Console- ing Passions series, as
well as to Ken Wissoker and his editorial team at Duke University Press
for responding so encouragingly to my pitch for a book on socialism and
tv and for being so patient through the inevitable changes to the proj ect.
Feedback from the two anonymous reviewers was equally honest, thor-
ough, and supportive.
The initial concept grew and flourished over the past five years thanks
to my fortuitous involvement with the (Post)Socialist Eu ropean Tele-
vi sion History Network helmed by the one and only Daniela Mustata. I
have gained an enormous amount of knowledge, inspiration, and plea sure
from collaborating with our chief co- conspirators, Ferenc Hammer, Lars
Lundgren, Sabina Mihelj, and Irena Reifová, including regular meetings
in Eu rope and North Amer i ca. In fact, one of the most beneficial aspects
of writing about socialist tele vision has been the unique spirit of sharing
that characterizes this emerging area, which stems from the realization
that the field can only be cultivated collectively. I am especially thankful
for the professional generosity and friendship of Alice Bardan, Christine
Evans, Heather Gumbert, Ferenc Hammer, Simon Huxtable, Judith
Keilbach, Sabina Mihelj, Dana Mustata, and Zala Volčič. The symposium
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