This book is the product of journeys between Peru, Canada, and
the United States, and the many people who marked the routes
My work would not have been possible without the generosity
of community leaders, activists, engineers, company represen-
tatives, researchers, journalists, and ngo workers who took the
time to share their views with me and contributed to my under-
standing of mining controversies. In situations that were often
filled with tension and distrust, I am grateful to them for grant-
ing me access to archives, documents, meetings, and events. I am
especially thankful to the whole team at grufides, including
staff members, volunteers, interns, and friends of the organiza-
tion who were an integral part of my experience in Cajamarca.
In particular, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation go to Marco
Arana, Pablo Sanchez, Patricia Rojas, Mirtha Vasquez, Jorge Ca-
macho, Ofelia Vargas, and Ivette Sánchez. From my initial re-
search explorations in La Oroya and Tambogrande to later peri-
ods of fieldwork in Cajamarca, Anthony Bebbington, Denise
Humphreys Bebbington, Stephanie Boyd, Maribel Chavez, Mari-
luz Chavez, José de Echave, Hunter Farrell, and Martin Scurrah
shared their extensive knowledge and experience and were im-
portant sources of insight into extractive industries.
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