Adarsh ıt: idealistic song
Advaita: nondualism
Agni-par¯ıksh¯a: trial by fire
Ajgar ap : huge snake
Akhar¯a: an a≈liation with the distinctive teachings or
‘‘school’’ of an expert teacher or guru; also, wrestling arena
Anuloma: hypergamy, a socially accepted union wherein the
wife-givers (the family of the bride) are typically inferior to
the wife-takers (the family of the groom).
Arhar : a popular variety of yellow lentil or pulse, toor dal
Ashl¯ıl: obscene
Baj¯ ar : a permanent market where one can buy general
Bar¯ at: the bridegroom’s party or marriage procession
Bhadralok: Bengalis with wealth, status, and a genteel
aspirational lifestyle under colonial rule
Bhadramahil¯a: upper-caste or upper-class woman in Bengal
Bhaiy¯a: brother
Bhajan: spiritual song
Bh¯ abh¯ı or Bhauj¯ı: wife of an elder brother
Bind¯ı: forehead decoration or dot symbolizing
auspiciousness, matrimony
Birah¯ a: separation, longing; a genre of folksong highlighting
the agony of separation
Biy¯ ah: marriage
Bur¯: ı bad, vulgar
Cait: March–April
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