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Unless otherwise noted, translations of quotations are my own.
1. Nemesio Torres Muñoz, ‘‘Informaciones respecto a los tópicos en el
proyecto de agenda para las deliberaciones sobre la importancia económica
de la medicina preventiva,’’ Rockefeller Foundation (hereafter rf), Record
Group 1.1, Series 303, Box 1, Folder 6, included in letter from George Bevier
to George K. Strode, 19 March 1952; Sociedad Boliviana de Salud Pública,
Historia y perspectivas de la salud pública en Bolivia, 118.
2. Boletín de la Dirección General de Sanidad Pública (hereafter bdgsp),
año 3, no. 5 (1931), 442.
3. For example, David Sowell, The Tail of Healer Miguel Perdomo Neire;
Steven Palmer, From Popular Medicine to Medical Populism.
4. On modern Andean medicine and its connections with Western
biomedicine, see Joseph Bastien, Healers of the Andes; Libbett Crandon-
Malamud, From the Fat of Our Souls; Joan Koss-Chionino, Thomas
Leatherman, and Christine Greenway, Medical Pluralism in the Andes.
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