There is great joy in owing so much to the many people who have
guided and supported me through this work. I thank them here in roughly
chronological chunks but with no particular internal order. In the dis-
sertation stage, I was blessed with a brilliant set of mentors: my adviser,
Robin D. G. Kelley; exam and dissertation readers Lisa Duggan and
George Yúdice; and dissertation readers Diana Taylor and Olívia Gomes
da Cunha. I benefited immeasurably from my other professors and men-
tors at NYU, including Nikhil Pal Singh, Robert Stam, Martha Hodes, Ada
Ferrer, and Judith Halberstam.
From my first dissertation research to my last moments of revision,
I have leaned heavily on Rio de Janeiro friends and mentors, including
Olívia Gomes da Cunha, Flávio dos Santos Gomes, Tiago de Melo Gomes,
Rose Sant’anna, Edmeire Exaltação, Jurema Verneck, and Luciene Fortuna
and Brazilianist colleagues and friends Judith Williams, Amy Chazkel,
Darien Davis, Sonia Roncador, Kim Butler (who gave wonderful, generous
comments on an early version of the manuscript and again at a later date),
Michael Mitchell (who read and encouraged me via e-mail for months dur-
ing the first revisions), Denise Ferreira da Silva, James Green, Jerry Dávila,
Bryan McCann, Edward Telles, David Hellwig (without whose edited vol-
ume I could not have conceived of my dissertation), Jeffrey Lesser (who
before we ever met sent me documents from his own research in an ar-
chive that had since closed and later supported me generously at Emory),
Barbara Weinstein (admired friend and my model of academic integrity),
Daryle Williams (inspiring co-director of the Driskell Center), and Steven
Topik (tireless correspondent on any coffee-related query).
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