a note on illUstrations
: :
This book contains a number of photographs as illustrations, many of
which are from the National Archives of the United Kingdom. I have also
taken photographs of various colonial- era documents from the National
Archives of Malawi, the National Archives of Zimbabwe, and the National
Archives of Zambia. Although many illustrations are images of people and
places discussed in the narrative, a select number are intended for evoca-
tive purposes—to capture the appearance, atmosphere, and attitudes of a
certain time and place, thus providing ways of seeing from the past. This
book consequently uses photographs as a unique and serious source for
scholars to situate historical narratives visually. (The work of W. G. Sebald
is also an influence.) However, given their origin, some images may be con-
sidered Eurocentric in perspective. I utilize these illustrations with this
caveat in mind. Although I offer commentary with each illustration, I an-
ticipate that readers will be sensitive to both the explicit and suggestive
uses of these images and will bear in mind the critical acknowledgment of
their limitations as stated here, without my having to repeat this position
throughout the text.
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