Art, Asian America, and theS ocialI maginary
1T chen, “The New York Asian/Pacific American & Asian Documentation
2I n fact, much of the new writing in this emergent field is being done in con-
junction with exhibition projects. Among them are national and regional
survey exhibitions mounted during the 1990s, such as “AsianT raditions /
ModernE xpressions: Asian American Artists and Abstraction 1945–1970”
(Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum,R utgers University, NewJ ersey,
1997); “They Painted fromT heir Hearts: Pioneer Asian American Artists”
(Wing Luke Asian Museum,S eattle, 1994); and “With NewE yes:T oward
an Asian American Art History in the West” (San FranciscoS tate University
Art Department Gallery, 1995).C oncurrently, there have been exhibitions
focused on specific periods in American history, such as “The View from
Within:J apanese American Art from theI nternmentC amps, 1942–1945”
(UCLA Wright Art Gallery, Los Angeles, 1992; co-organized by theJ apanese
American Museum, UCLA Wright Art Gallery, and the UCLA Asian American
StudiesC enter); and “Relocations andR evisions:T heJ apanese-American
InternmentR econsidered” (LongB each Museum of Art, LongB each,C alifor-
nia, 1992)—as well as thematic, ethnic-specific, and sociopolitical shows,
which include: “Asia/America:I dentities inC ontemporary Asian American
Art” (The AsiaS ociety Galleries, New York, 1994); “Across the Pacific:C on-
temporary Korean and Korean American Art” (The Queens Museum of Art,
New York, 1993); “Picturing Asia America:C ommunities,C ulture, Differ-
ence” (HoustonC enter for Photography, Houston, 1994); “Who’s Afraid of
Freedom: Korean American Artists inC alifornia” (Newport Harbor Art
seum, NewportB each,C alifornia, 1996); “Memories of Overdevelopment:
Philippine Diaspora inC ontemporary Art” (University ofC alifornia,I rvine
Art Gallery, 1996); “UncommonT raits:R e/Locating Asia” (CEPA Gallery,B uf-
falo, 1997–98); “Out ofI ndia:C ontemporary Art of theS outh Asian Dias-
pora” (Queens Museum of Art, New York, 1997); “Site of Asia /S ite ofB ody:
Contemporary Asian Women Artists” (Taipei Gallery, New York, 1998); and
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