1. The Tasa of the General inspection
Of the documents that the General Inspection generated, the most
important one from Toledo’s point of view was the tasa or tribute
scale, which Toledo finalized in 1575 based on the inspectors’ re-
ports. It documented a population of roughly 1.4 million in 839
reducciones and approximately 450 repartimientos,1 in the Audien-
cias of Lima and Charcas (not the Audiencia of Quito). There prob-
ably once existed a complete text of the tasa for the Audiencias of
Lima and Charcas, which Noble David Cook estimated would have
extended to between six and twelve thousand manuscript folios.2
This complete documentation survives for only a handful of repar-
timientos (see below). For each repartimiento (assuming that the
fullest information we have for some repartimientos originally ex-
isted for all of them), the tasa would have contained the following
The name of the inspector.
The name of the repartimiento and its encomendero or enco-
Population numbers for each repartimiento, including five
numbers: tributaries (i.e., men between the ages of 18 and
50); older men and invalids exempt from tribute; boys;
women and girls; total population. (In some cases it also
broke this down by cate gories within the repartimiento, es-
pecially Aymaras versus Urus, or other demographic infor-
mation such as the numbers of tribute- exempt ethnic Incas
living there.)
The tribute due from the repartimiento, in specie and kind,
and the amount this came to per tributary.
The names of the caciques.
The sums paid out of this tribute for caciques, priests, and de-
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