On behalf of my obsession, I dutifully thank my codependents and enablers,
as well as those who have given me pause and made interventions.
Along the way, my primary record- hound buddies have been Scooter
Johns, Phil Kirk, Doug Cannon, Tom Fry, Ben Portis, and Mats Gustafsson.
A host of other accomplices and inspirations include John Corrigan, Russell
Fine, Sue Cook, Jim Macnie, Robert Smith, Hope Carr, Sasha Frere- Jones, Jim
O’Rourke, Warren Po, Thurston Moore, Al Ruppersberg, Tom Cvikota, David
Grubbs, Scott Nielsen, Christopher Williams, Josiah McElheny, Christopher
Wool, David Hollander, and Albert Oehlen.
A range of rec ord store folks fed my habit, including Mike Wall, Hunt
Blair, Bruno Johnson, Rick Wojcik, Harald Hult, Steve Wascovich, Bob Koes-
ter, Josh Berman, and the guys at bj’s, Discount Rec ords, and the Rec ord
Collector in Iowa City.
I thank my parents, James and Joyce Corbett, for providing me with early
vinyl to shake, rattle, and roll, and for turning a blind eye toward my rec ord
store hobby horse. My siblings, Jack and Jennifer, shared my excitement and
posed impertinent questions about Echo and the Bunnymen to the deejay at
the roller rink. To Uncle Tim for comic relief; to Auntie Jayne for the loan of
her precious Seatrain lp ; to Tim Fitzgerald for keeping music the first prior-
ity. To my grand mother, Rose Corbett, for driving me to Wax Trax and wait-
ing outside in her pale yellow Cadillac.
DownBeat was generous to offer me the space to compose the Vinyl Freak
column, and I thank my editors there, especially Jason Koransky, who agreed
to the concept in the first place, and Frank Alkyer, who gave the green light
to republishing the essays in t his book. All of the Vinyl Freak columns
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