Any project such as this requires the support of a substantial number of
individuals and institutions. The editors wish to thank all the contributors to
this volume; they have been very patient with our editorial requests and con-
scientious in their writing and revisions. In this context it is important to
single out Diane Davis and Robert Gay who have been involved with this
project since its inception during a panel at the New England Council on Latin
American Studies meeting in Boston in 2004. We also want to o√er our thanks
to Martha Huggins and Mark Ungar who provided helpful commentary on
early drafts of the essays as discussants on panels at the 2006 Latin American
Studies Association meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Thanks also to Julia
Paley, Paola Cesarini, and the Center for Latin American Studies at Rutgers
University. Seminars at the Center for the Humanities and the Center for Place,
Culture, and Politics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York
helped develop some of the ideas that have contributed to this volume. A
fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies provided support
to Enrique Arias during the completion of the volume. The anonymous re-
viewers at Duke University Press provided insightful advice that greatly im-
proved the final draft. Finally, we would like to thank Valerie Millholland,
Miriam Angress, Tim Elfenbein, and Leigh Barnwell at Duke University Press;
they have worked e≈ciently and e√ectively to bring this book to publication.
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